Race Night

Curated by Sean Laidlaw, Crack Gallery, Vancouver BC

Adaptive Tool for Spray Painting (extension pole), 2022, 74x16x5.5 inches, (mixed medium) wood extension pole, mini paint rolling handle with cage and sleeve, bicycle brake, cable and housing, industrial spray paint gun, zap straps and hardware, fitted to a can of white spray paint
Theft Over $5000, 2022, 36x84x36 inches, found objects, street sign, umbrella stand, wheelchair wheel, lock and chain
Wrangler (1), 2022, 12×8 inches, acrylic on canvas
Plant Based Wrangler, 2022, 8×12 inches, acrylic on canvas
Your Typical, I Almost Died Story, 2021, 48×48 inches,  acrylic, latex
The Resurrection, 2021, 48×48 inches, acrylic, latex
Race Day, 40×40 inches, acrylic, latex & oil bar on canvas
East Trans Canada Drift Night, 2022, 30×30 inches, acrylic, latex
Race Night, 2021, 60×60 inches, acrylic, latex
Race Night 10/13, 8.5×11 inches, on Stonehenge
Crack Gallery T-shirt, 2022, 8.5×11 inches, pen and ink
Her Majesty’s Influence Reaches In All Directions, 2021, 60×60 inches, acrylic, latex, spray paint
Launch Ramp, 2022, 24x20x24 inches ,plywood, granite block (Vancouver skate plaza)– Sponsored by Vans Canada